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Successful 7th OPENAP AGM

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Another Year of Excellence

Greece, the top luxury travel destination, with its rich history and culture, service excellence, majestic natural beauty and lifestyle, was the host country of #OPENAP23!

NAP’s 7th AGM & OPENAP, took place from 21st to 25nd May 2023 in Costa Navarino, Peloponnese, one of the most unspoiled and breath-taking landscapes in the Mediterranean.

Neutral Air Partner gathered over 300 members and guests from around the world for an inspiring networking experience, to address the biggest issues that are shaking and shaping the air cargo logistics industry, by providing a unique platform for the exchange of ideas, views, and solutions.

During OPENAP23 we connected the future-ready leaders with innovators around the globe, and promoted resourceful discussions and face-to-face interactions, aiming to set positive-disruption standards for the air cargo logistics community.

In the spotlight this year was the NAP ecosystem, showcasing top-tier air cargo logistics experts from its six sub-industry networks, alongside strategic partner airlines, vendors, and influential figures in the supply chain, providing the platform for remarkable conversations, fruitful face-to-face meetings and sparking meaningful collaborations.

The key takeaways

Presentations and
Panel discussions

The air cargo industry remains promising, and the fastest and safest freight transport option. It is witnessing the resilience, adaptability and innovation of its stakeholders, who implement measures such as specialized cargo terminals, digital integration, and sustainability initiatives.

Innovation, and AI progress at light speed and will help in optimizing all air cargo operational levels. Drones will expand the capabilities of air cargo transport. The role of sustainability and ESG is becoming imperative.

E-commerce is one of the most significant prospective success drivers in the freight industry.  Volumes continued to grow and drive a shift in the types of cargo being shipped by air, from larger quantities to smaller packages. And NeX-ecommerce supply chain hub is the new player. NeX Co-Founder & Chairman Rudee Bertie, and CEO Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt “Soft-Launched” NeX eCommerce Supply Chain Hub during OPENAP23. They share their excitement and gratitude for the overwhelming support received.



  • Sam Okpro
    Air Cargo Logistics Outlook: Challenges & Opportunities – Panel discussion
  • Glyn Hughes
    TIACA Director General
  • Turgut Erkeskin
    Genel Transport President & CEO and Senior Vice President of FIATA
  • Aydogan Can
    Global Cargo Key Accounts Manager Turkish Airlines
  • Stephen Eagle
    Area Commercial Manager IAG Cargo
  • Solomon Cai
    CEO Globelink China Logistics

  • Christos Spyrou
    Neutral Air Partner Update
  • Glyn Hughes | Kenneth Gibson
    TIACA Update
  • Aydogan Can
    TURKISH CARGO Partnership Review
  • Celine Hourcade
    Building trust in a complex air cargo logistics world
  • Frederick Overton
    SME Growth & Strategic Partnerhsips
  • Maria Preka
    When Time Matters : Ship Spares & Marine Time Critical Logistics
  • Rudee Bertie
    Pathway Transformation of Traditional B2B Cargo to B2C eCommerce logistics

  • Julie Meyer
    Why Ecosystem Economics® Companies will Be Winners in the Future: How Financing Has Changed for High Velocity Firms in the Year 2023
  • Edip Pektas
    Digital Cargo Capacity Exchange
  • Steven Vehasselt
    Chartnership: Own and Share your Cargo Flights
  • Mammen Tharakan
    The Future of Drones in Logistics
  • Alexandra Escanero
    NAP Airfreight Rate Exchange Portal
  • Solomon Cai
    Globelink China Investment Ltd.

Face2Face Meetings

After all, it is the core business part of OPENAP. A sophisticated scheduler and user-friendly networking experience. More than 3000 connections took place during the 3 days of planned F2F meetings, according to our scheduler.

The NAP Air Cargo 2023

Award Winners

The NAP Best Performing Partner | Air Cargo Awards 2023 was a real party of successful happy people, celebrating, and having fun with old and new friends! Members were invited to vote for our best performing partners, at the 4th NAP Air Cargo Awards ceremony.
The gala had a bit of everything: red carpet moments, violins, photo flashes, dancing and flower throwing like they enjoy partying the Greek way!
Huge applause to the winners of the NAP Air Cargo Awards at #OPENAP23! Congratulations to each and every one of you!

Best performing partners


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Social activities

This year’s 7th AGM & OPENAP not only offered a variety of engaging presentations and discussions but also numerous opportunities for networking. We were delighted to provide our attendees with a full agenda of conference functions as well as a variety of social and fun activities aimed at building relationships.

We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors’ support. Thank you for helping to make the 7th AGM & OPENAP the next exceptional and memorable industry event.


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Sincere appreciation to all OPENAP23 attendees, speakers, members, and sponsors for making this conference a huge success and backing NAP in raising the bar of air cargo logistics sophistication.