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A wonderful sampling of the greatest
handicrafts produced in Mexico

14-17 November 2021


June 7, 2018 by admin

When dusk falls on the beaches of Sayulita, you will see, like floating spirits, silhouettes skim across the water, bodies dive and emerge awaiting the next wave, facing the sunset, painted in the dazzling tones of the sun’s descent into the sea. These are surfers participating in the sport they love, which happens to be one of the main attractions of this traditional fishing village. From all over the world, surfing enthusiasts flock to these beaches, like a sacred site, with their boards on their backs, their golden skin glistening and hearts full with a passion for the sea.
Sayulita breathes a cosmopolitan air. You can hear a young woman speaking German, a young man waxing his surf board while chatting in English or a small child telling her father what she wants for breakfast in French.
There is also a vibe similar to that of the sixties, focused on love and peace, gathering together in nature with a friendly and relaxed environment. Young people, adults and children come together on these beaches where the sounds of drums accompany a pleasant conversation among friends, a celebration, a great meal or a calming walk on the beach with the waves lapping at your feet.
Along the cobblestone streets of town, you will find small businesses selling delicious traditional dishes, bakeries offering a wide variety of fresh-baked breads that can be enjoyed with an iced tea or a delicious cup of coffee, and of course, elegant restaurants set along the beach where you can take pleasure in a romantic candlelit dinner. Art could not be overlooked in this tremendous town, and on your tour throughout the streets of Sayulita you will find various art galleries and Mexican handicraft shops, offering the best gifts for your return home: beaded costume jewelry, silk rebozo shawls, wool garments, wicker baskets, clay sculptures… in short, a wonderful sampling of the greatest handicrafts produced in Mexico.