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    The Digital Innovation Awards showcase advances in the productivity and potential of business applications as well as technology that contributes significantly to improved efficiency, productivity, and the performance of an organization and the industry.

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Winners 2021

Selection Criteria

  • Sales performance
  • Service standards and quality
  • Competitive rates
  • Speed and effectiveness of response
  • Experience and market awareness
  • Range of value-added services available
  • Sub-industry and vertical expertise
  • Digital adoption and transformation
  • Corporate marketing and communications

NOTE: Voting is secure, confidential, and restricted to the members of Neutral Air Partner. You cannot vote for your own company or for another international station of your group. All votes must be cast online using the official voting form on this website. All fields must be completed and will be verified. No hard copy voting papers will be accepted. The organizers reserve the right to invalidate any votes incorrectly cast and to disqualify any company they consider to have gained votes in an unfair manner. Nominations on the sub-industry category awards are on the sole discretion of the organizer, and are based on the knowledge we have acquired on sales focus, sub industry and vertical expertise of each member.