Networking Reinvented at
OPENAP 2024 Americas



Another Year of Excellence

The 2024 Neutral Air Partner AGM and 8th OPENAP, held from March 10th to 13th amidst the vibrant energy of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, surpassed all expectations, leaving a lasting mark on all attendees. Set against the stunning backdrop of Rio, this gathering convened 200 distinguished delegates from every corner of the globe, all driven by a shared commitment to advancing the standards of excellence within the air cargo logistics industry.

Renowned for delivering a premium networking experience, Neutral Air Partner ensures that members and guests are provided with a high-level platform to delve into key issues shaping the air cargo logistics landscape, fostering the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and innovative solutions. With a commitment to ensuring the utmost productivity and success, OPENAP aims to deliver an unparalleled experience making it the best opportunity to cultivate relationships with esteemed colleagues, partners and friends, within the air cargo logistics community.

OPENAP once again proved its mastery as a catalyst for forging meaningful connections among the next generation of industry leaders and forward-thinking visionaries. Through dynamic discussions, and invaluable face-to-face meetings, delegates tackled the most pressing challenges facing our industry, with a spotlight on the unique dynamics of South America, the proud host of OPENAP 2024 Americas.

The key takeaways

Presentations and Panel discussions

The focal point of the event extended beyond mere networking, featuring detailed presentations on the 2024 global air cargo logistics landscape, an update of the NAP ecosystem of networks, new products tailored to streamline members’ businesses, a particular emphasis on strategic airline partnerships and panel discussions that delved into the challenges and opportunities within the Air Cargo Logistics market, with a spotlight on the South American region. Additionally, special themes such as GSSA solutions, eCommerce logistics, special cargos and the integration of AI in air cargo operations were explored.

The OPENAP Americas agenda included insightful presentations, and special panel discussions:


2024 Global Air Cargo Logistics Landscape
Neutral Air Partner Networks Update
Turkish Cargo Partnership Review
IAG Cargo: Delivering Value for SMEs
Special Cargoes: Streamlined Horse Transport
Leveraging Intelligence Automation in Air Freight Forwarding & Logistics
South America Air Cargo Logistics Market Outlook


During the Latin America Air Cargo Logistics Market Panel discussion, our experts talked about the South American airfreight market, covering topics such as geopolitical developments and infrastructure investments. They also explored the future of supply chains and logistics, with a focus on perishables and special cargoes. The significance of sea-air and eCommerce logistics hubs and the role of SME forwarders and consolidators were highlighted. Perspectives from the EU and China were shared, and the potential of the intra-South American airfreight market was examined, shedding light on global viewpoints.

During the Panel discussion titled: “Air Cargo Stakeholders’ Strategies to Mitigate Global Risk”
the panelists discussed AI technology in logistics, focusing on its role in booking platforms and capacity management, the integration of air cargo solutions by multimodal providers, and the structuring of airline agreements by sales agents and consolidators. The importance of forwarders highlighting the significance of supply chains, particularly in leveraging AI for resilience, was emphasized.


  • Peter Whitfield
    NAP – Honorary Chairman
  • Sam Okpro
    NAP – Head of Global Airline Partner Program
  • Christos Spyrou
    NAP – Founder and CEO
  • Ralph val Eijk
    NAV – Aero, Head of GSSA & Airline Development
  • Justus Klüver-Schlotfeldt
    NeX eCommerce – CEO
  • Kenneth Gibson
    TIACA – Head of Business Development & Membership
  • Priscilla Bueno
    Craft Airfreight – Chief Transformation Officer
  • Solomon Cai
    Globelink China – Chairman & CEO
  • Aydogan Can
    Turkish Airlines – Global Key Accounts Manager
  • Reinaldo De Faria
    IAG Cargo – Business Manager LACAM
  • Fernando Ebbecke
    Craft Airfreight – Global Airfreight Manager
  • Alexandra Escanero
    WebCargo – Head of Regional Sales Europe & Africa
  • Mark Ketcham
    Raft – Senior Vice President Sales
  • Lucas Porter
    Manestream Logistics – CEO
  • Roman Quinos
    PlusCargo – Director Mexico
  • Nicolas Simons
    EZ Cargo – Founder & Managing Director
  • Michael Voss
    Sparber Air Cargo – General Manager
  • Irl Wakefield
    Aircon Airfreight – Co-founder & VP Operations

Face2Face Scheduled Meetings

Featuring an advanced scheduler and an intuitive networking interface, OPENAP Face to Face meetings, hosted more than 2000 connections, throughout the planned two-day F2F conference functions.


Partners awards

This year’s NAP Best Performing Partner Awards built upon success and excitement from the previous editions! Members, were once again invited to cast their votes for the most outstanding partners, marking a milestone in recognizing excellence within the air cargo community at the esteemed 5th NAP Air Cargo Awards ceremony.

Huge congratulations to the deserving winners of each category and felicitations to each nominee for their exceptional achievements and contributions to shaping the future of air cargo logistics.

Here’s to a future filled with continued success and advancement. Cheers to each and every one of you!

Best performing partners


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We would like to sincerely thank our sponsors for supporting the efforts of NAP to deliver a successful OPENAP and helping the organization to drive more products and services, and develop more content to meet members and industry needs.

The NAP team is thrilled to announce that our collective efforts to create an inclusive and engaging environment have truly paid off! The 8th Neutral Air Partner Annual General Meeting and OPENAP 2024 Rio Brazil, was a big success. We always strive to give NAP members and guests a premium networking experience by providing an outstanding setting for talking about air cargo logistics and sharing ideas, perspectives, and solutions.

We are always trying to offer you the greatest experience possible and make sure that our OPENAP events are productive, successful, and unforgettable! We hope you enjoyed the conference, the NAP awards, the dinner party at the amazing Villa Solar Real, caipirinhas, and the fun beachclub farewell cocktail!


We wish to see you soon at our next NAP event.